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King Bio - Homeopathic Natural Medicine Headache Relief - 2 oz
King Bio - Homeopathic Natural Medicine Headache Relief - 2 oz

King Bio - Homeopathic Natural Medicine Headache Relief - 2 oz

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King Bio Homeopathic Natural Medicine Headache Relief

King Bio Homeopathic Natural Medicine Headache Relief is for fast relief of headache pains: throbbing, splitting, tight, bursting, dull, sick, sinus, congestive, migraine, occipital, morning headache, sun headache and band feeling around the head.

About King Bio
King Bio offers the only pure water based homeopathics in the industry. Until now all homeopathics have been either based in alcohol, glycerin or sugar. For over 20 years we have clinically researched homeopathy. At the King Health Center one wing was specially designed for the clinical ecology patient. These were people so sensitive to their environment some actually had to wear a breathing machine strapped to their back. These special people could not take the conventional, no alcohol, sugar or glycerin based homeopathics. These hypersensitive people led us to develop King Bio's pure water based homeopathics.

King Bio Natural Medicine is a USA-based company dedicated to the production of safe, all natural medicines without side effects. KB is a registered pharmaceutical manufacturing company with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Each King Bio Natural Medicine formula is manufactured in strict accordance with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and the FDA. A National Drug Code (NDC) number is assigned to each King Bio Natural Medicine product.

King Bio began pharmaceutical manufacturing in 1989. King Bio Natural Medicines have been developed by Dr. Frank J. King Jr. As founder and director of the King Health Center Inc. in 1979, Dr. King developed a research team to test and correlate various natural therapies and their clinical results.

Homeopathic medicines were found to be the most profound and effective treatment system of all the natural therapies tested. Through this research, King Bio Natural Medicine was designed to effectively address the complex health problems of today. The appropriate King Bio Natural Medicine product can provide fast, gentle relief often within minutes (or even seconds) in certain cases.
King Bio's Mission
A message of healing for the masses. 

King Bio's Vision

  • To empower people to overcome disease
  • To equip people with safe, natural, and effective health products and procedure
  • To teach people how to attain and maintain health
  • To enlighten people with knowledge and wisdom to be healthy and whole physically, mentally, emotionally, willfully and spiritually

King Bio's Premise

  • People are designed to be healthy and equipped to overcome disease
  • You can give a fish and feed someone for a day
  • Or you can teach someone to fish and feed someone for a lifetime!

King Bio's Values

  • To love and care for sick and suffering
  • To continually search for the most effective answers for health restoration
  • To teach the most effective way to attain health
  • To serve people with honesty, integrity and purity
  • To love people enough to make the personal sacrifices necessary to see a significant difference

Before initial dose, depress pump spray 4-5 times to prime. Hold King Bio's medically metered pump spray right up to your lips very close to mouth and spray one dose under your tongue. The adult dose is two complete pump sprays.

Doses should be taken orally and held under the tongue for 30 seconds, then swallowed. Holding the formula under the tongue provides faster absorption as well as faster results. For best results, take doses between meals or at least 10 minutes or more away from meals. Allow a minimum of 10 minutes between doses if taking more than one King Bio Natural Medicine.

See dosage chart to find the dosage that best fits your symptomatic need by visiting King Bio's Website at

Belladonna · Bryonia Alba · Capsicum Annuum · Coffea Cruda · Chininum Arsenicosum · Glonoinum · Gelsemium Sempervirens · Ignatia Amara · Kali Bichromicum · Lycopodium Clavatum · Natrum Muriaticum · Nux Vomica · Sanguinaria Canadensis · Spigelia Anthelmia · Sulphur. Each ingredient is in equal volumes of 10x, 30x, and 100x potencies in a pure water base.

if symptoms persist or worsen, seek advice of physician. If pregnant or nursing, take only on advice of physician. Keep out of reach of children. Tamper resistant for your protection. Use only if safety seal is intact.

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